Each rock has its specific characteristics and properties. Stones which come into contact with the sun heat up. If there is contact with the bare skin you can feel the warmth of a stone or mineral. Some stones give only heat to the epidermis, other rocks give a much deeper and more intense heat.

GL BVBA incorporated in the Phoenix Lounger a unique natural namely soapstone. The stone is highly insulating. This means that he cools very slowly and long retains its heat.

The soapstone is composed of large amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, talc, and small granular magnesite. The layering of the talc helps in the faster transfer of heat and promotes efficient heat storage. After warming, the stone remains long heat. This means that the Phoenix Lounger needs a minimum amount of electrical current in order to keep the stone at the desired temperature. This amounts 40 ° C.

The stone is heated and the embedded gemstones are active by the heat.

The general circulation of veins and arteries and small circulation of small veins and blood vessels are located in and around all organs, intestines, joints and muscles.

The pump systems in the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders lead the blood away from the small blood vessels.

If the blood contains too many toxins and is acidified, jeopardizing the proper functioning of the small circulation is compromised.

The Phoenix Lounger can reverse this process. The heated stone encourages perspiration and opens the pores. Through the wide-open pores penetrate the physical forces of the semi-precious body to the depths. Their specific activity stimulates the micro system of blood vessels in our body and (re) activates the lymph node system. In this way the toxic substances will be removed.